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When you visit Vomero Chiropractic and Holistic Healthcare Center, you and your well being are most important to us. We treat you like one of the family!

Dr. Vomero also treats Children with Chiropractic & Holistic Health Care Services

In our practice we believe that the vertebrae can be brought back to their original positions with a more mild type of chiropractic adjustment, using muscle balancing to hold it in place once the chiropractic adjustment has been made

Vomero Chiropractic and Holistic Healthcare Center, Restoring your Health Naturally

We employ holistic healthcare therapies to induce and restore your health including: Chiropractic Adjustive Therapy, Acupuncture, Cranial and Cranio-Sacral techniques, Chiropractic-Dental co-treatment (TMJ, et. al.), Emotional support modalities, Nutritional Supplementation, Exercise, Stretching and Lifestyle changes

The Dr. Vomero Chiropractic Adjustment

Not your typical Chiropractor. Vomero Chiropractic & Holistic Center treats the cause of your pain, not the symptom!

Acupuncture Therapy

Vomero Chiropractic and Holistic Center offers Acupuncture Services to promote Healing and Wellness.

Applied Kinesiology

A Healthy Body is one in Motion. Vomero Chiropractic and Holistic Center offers Applied Kinesiology Services and Muscle Testing. Whether you tackle a marathon or simply walk around the block, a healthy lifestyle involves movement. Vomero Chiropractic and Holistic Health Care will help you feel better so you can get active!

Emotions and Health go Hand in Hand

Emotions are a part of everyday life, but the physiologic repercussions that accompany some emotional feelings are not! Feeling good inside and out is what Vomero Chiropractic and Holistic Center is all about!

Clinical Nutrition and Lifestyle Changes

Nutrition is necessary to support body growth and repair, and to sustain metabolism. Your body function cannot be maintained and even your genetic potential cannot be fully expressed without necessary nutrients. Dietary recommendations are the foundation of clinical nutrition, but you may need supplementation as well.


We are deeply saddened to inform everyone that on March 3rd 2022 Dr. Vomero passed away.  Dr. Vomero was unique in the variety of care he provided and the treatments he offered.  We understand it can be difficult to find another doctor for all of your healthcare needs, however Dr. Vomero trusted Dr. Alexis Sams for your holistic health and functional medicine as well as Dr. Ava Yellen for your chiropractic and acupuncture needs.  Their numbers are listed below.

Dr. Alexis Sams –  602-730-4159

Dr Ava Yellen –  480-970-3181

Patients with any other questions may contact
Chris Vomero – 602-614-3003  or
Greg Vomero – 602-705-5925


Chiropractic, Holistic Health Care, Natural Healing & Functional Medicine

We are here to Help bring about your Healing from Within.

Vomero Chiropractic and Holistic Center is all about healing the body naturally.  We achieve such positive results by working with you to support and treat the body’s systems so that function is corrected and health returns.  In order to achieve the desired results, we employ a wide variety of Chiropractic and Holistic Health therapies to induce health and restore individual normal function.

Vomero Chiropractic & Holistic Health Care Specialties:

Chiropractor in Scottsdale
Chiropractic Therapy
We use mild chiropractic adjustments along with muscle balancing to deliver the best results. Read more…
Acupuncture in Scottsdale
Acupuncture Therapy
Very useful for treating many health conditions.  Acupuncture is also a very effective method of pain control. Read more…
Dental Chiropractic TMJ Therapy in Scottsdale
Dental Chiropractic Therapy
Co-treating patients with dentists since 2002, to help overcome Orthodontic and TMJ disorders. Read more…

Cranial Sacral Therapy Scottsdale
Cranio-Sacral Therapy
Preventive treatment for pain & dysfunction, including Sleep Apnea & Snoring, menstrual cramping & low back pain to name a few.
Read more…
Nutrition Consulting in Scottsdale
Nutrition & Supplementation
Nutrition is a healthy body’s foundation. Nutrition & Supplementation counseling can lead you back to health & wellness.
Read more…
Neuro Emotional Therapy in Scottsdale
Neuro Emotional Modalities
Emotions & Health go hand in hand. Emotions can manifest as headaches, back pain, stomach ulcers, allergies & more.
Read more…

However it is that you find your way to our Old Town/Downtown office, whether seeking a Scottsdale Chiropractor, or looking for help with a health concern or pain that is manifesting in your life, we are here for you.  And you have our guarantee that we will work to raise your level of health and help you actualize your body’s innate potential.  In other words, we are here specifically to help you build and maintain your health!

What to Expect on your First Visit to Vomero Chiropractic & Holistic Center.
If you’re a first-time visitor to our Old Town Scottsdale office searching for a chiropractor or needing help with other health related concerns, we’ll need you to give us some information about your background, medical history and the nature of your condition.  This will allow us to provide the best possible care, tailored to your specific circumstances.  You will meet with Dr. Vomero for a consultation, health history questionnaire and preliminary exam.  Most of the information leading to a diagnosis is gathered during a complete health history, so it’s important that we get thorough and precise information at this time.  Finishing your first visit, Dr. Vomero will recommend and arrange the level and type of exams and lab tests that need to be done to accurately diagnose your health condition.  After all the diagnostic information from consultation, history, physical exams, lab findings and diagnostic imaging studies has been compiled, a report of findings is scheduled.  During the report of findings, we determine the best course of care for you.

To monitor your progress and confirming improvement in your health and goals set during the report of findings, re-exams are scheduled as necessary.  Re-exams also tell us what has worked and what hasn’t.  Treatment during each visit begins by evaluating your response to treatment from the last visit.  Ideally, each visit builds on the last.  During every visit, you will be tested and treated for any of the factors affecting your nervous system, body chemistry and emotional well-being.  In this way, all three aspects of the triad of health are being addressed and supported.

For more information on our Chiropractic Services and our Holistic Healing Services, please contact us today!

Visit our office in Old Town Scottsdale located at:
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