Environmental Toxicity Testing

Toxic Elements Released into our Environment can effect your Health Negatively

Environmental Toxicity Testing ScottsdaleSince our environment has become contaminated with noxious pollutants and we have become more sedentary, more stresses are added to the nervous system that manipulation alone can’t always address.

Toxic chemicals, heavy metals or other toxins that may attack your immune system, stress, processing of foods and food additives.  We cannot rely on our bodies being able to rebuild themselves if we are eating foods grown on depleted soils, so proper nutrition is important too.  The old adage: “You are what you eat”, could not be truer at this time in our lives.

Applied Kinesiology or lab tests can be used in order to find which specific organ or gland is being compromised.   With the results of these tests, we can find specific remedies to eliminate each toxin found.