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I was born in New York City and was brought up in the borough of Queens.  I had been introduced to natural healing and vitamin supplementation in my teens by Adelle Davis.  My Mom, who was an avid reader of Adelle’s books, shared her information with me and I readily accepted her message – that eating properly and supplementing yourself with vitamins was a much better way to improve your health than by taking unnecessary medications.  Since then, I have studied the proper functioning of the human body and how best to help keep it healthy – naturally.

I attended New York University, after which I took up my chiropractic training at New York Chiropractic College.  I met my wife Lynette while we were in college.  We were married in 1971 and moved to Arizona in 1974.  After working as an associate for a few doctors, I decided to open my own practice in 1978 in downtown Scottsdale. We have been in the same location ever since.

We have two wonderful sons – Christopher, born in 1979 and Gregory, born in 1985.  In 2009, Chris and his wife Nina blessed us with our first granddaughter, Ella Shea Vomero.  Chris – like his mother and brother – is an avid Mets fan.  Ella’s middle name is attributed to the New York Mets’ first real home – Shea Stadium.  If Chris, Greg and Lynette have anything to say about it, Ella is a Met fan in-the-making.  They’ve already got her chanting “Let’s Go Mets!”  Unlike the rest of my family, I am not a baseball fan.  Please don’t hold that against me. In my opinion, football is more interesting.

Our practice philosophy is simple: We find the cause of your problem and fix it. We then leave you with instructions (“doctor” is the Latin word for “teacher”) on how to care for yourself nutritionally, physically and emotionally.  This usually involves a lifestyle change, because, in most cases, your previous lifestyle is what caused your health to deteriorate in the first place!  This would include exercise, eating unprocessed foods, drinking plenty of water, relaxing and refreshing sleep and a good positive attitude.

A healthy lifestyle includes:

  • Proper Nutrition – Eating foods in their natural state, as unprocessed as possible. You may require additional nutritional supplements, but as you improve, most – if not all – of your nutrition should come from your food.
  • Exercise – Depending on your needs, exercise can be in the form of functional strength training, aerobic training, improving coordination and flexibility, and energetic exercise such as yoga, tai chi and chi gong.
  • Sleep – You should get from 6 to 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night.
  • Water – Our bodies are mostly water. Water quenches, replenishes and flushes out toxins. A good rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight – in ounces – per day.
  • Attitude – Our mental and emotional state is just as important to our wellbeing as our physical and chemical status.

How I practice:Dr Joseph Vomero Chiropractor Holistic Health Care

Lynette and I moved to Arizona in 1974.  Most people think the chiropractic adjustment has to be accompanied by a popping sound as the spinal bones are moved back into place.  This is termed a “high-velocity” adjustment.  In our practice, we generally do not use high velocity adjustments.  Instead, we use pelvic “blocks” that look like wedges, to align the pelvis, causing short leg.  We also use an adjusting instrument which we feel is more specific – in most cases – than the standard manual manipulation or adjustment.

We believe that the vertebrae can be brought back to their original positions with a more mild type of adjustment, using muscle balancing to hold it in place once the adjustment has been made.  Some patients think that if they don’t hear a “pop” the bone has not been adjusted.  In this case I ask them if they heard a “pop” when it first went out of alignment, resulting in the pain that brought them to see me in the first place!  Usually, the answer is “no” and they get my point.

An important part of our practice is cranial manipulation and how it affects the head and jaw – TMJ.

Dental-Chiropractic Co-Treatment:
In an effort to see patients from a broader perspective, we started co-treating patients with dentists in 2002.  We work with dentists who understand the dynamics of the nervous and musculoskeletal system and apply that knowledge to their treatment of people with orthodontic and TMJ disorders.

If you have poor jaw posture, like an excessive overbite, it will affect the muscles of the neck and upper back by forcing them to compensate for poor head posture.  When these smaller muscles can no longer handle the stress this puts on them, the bigger muscles of the lower back take up the strain.  Finally, when all of the body’s compensation mechanisms are exhausted, we feel pain!

By understanding postural dynamics – the realm of the chiropractor – and how they apply to the jaw – the realm of the dentist – we are better able to address the health concerns of our patients, with quicker and more long-lasting results.

To reiterate, the adjustment is made AFTER all the muscles in the area of involvement have been balanced – that is, they all have equal tension; none being too weak or too tight – resulting in equal tension in the back.  THIS IS WHAT HOLDS THE VERTEBRA IN PLACE – preventing it from impinging a nerve so the body can heal itself and keeps the pain away!

In over 30 years of practice, we have found that the adjustment given after the muscles have been balanced also results in overall LESS treatment time, which is more cost-effective for our patients.