Dental Chiropractic Co-Treatment

Working with Dentists to relieve Jaw Posture Issues

TMJ Dental Chiropractic ScottsdaleIn an effort to see our patients from a broader perspective, we started co-treating patients with dentists in 2002.  We work with dentists who understand the dynamics of the nervous and musculoskeletal system and apply that knowledge to their treatment of people with Orthodontic and TMJ disorders.

If you have poor jaw posture, like an excessive overbite, it will affect the muscles of the neck and upper back by forcing them to compensate for poor head posture.  When these smaller muscles can no longer handle the stress this puts on them, the bigger muscles of the lower back take up the strain.  Finally, when all of the body’s compensation mechanisms are exhausted, we feel pain!   The chiropractic treatment involves ensuring the feet are supporting the weight of the body equally.  Then the pelvis, spine and skull are evaluated for any bio-mechanical structural distortions.  These imbalances are corrected while the patient is receiving orthodontic/dental care.

By understanding postural dynamics – the realm of the chiropractor – and how they apply to the jaw – the realm of the dentist – we are better able to address the health concerns of our patients, with quicker and more long-lasting results.   TMJ Disorder Dental Chiropractic ScottsdaleNot all dental patients need chiropractic care, and not all chiropractic patients need dental or orthodontic care.

However, if Dr. Vomero finds that you do need a dental referral, he will make that recommendation to you.