Clinical Nutrition and Lifestyle Changes

You truly are What you Eat!

Nutrition is necessary to support body growth and repair, and to sustain metabolism. Your body function cannot be maintained and even your genetic potential cannot be fully expressed without necessary nutrients.

Clinical Nutrition Counseling Scottsdale

Dietary recommendations are the foundation of clinical nutrition, but you may need supplementation as well.
As noted above, there are many factors that lead to the need for supplements to the diet: Very specific counseling regarding your unique dietary needs complement supplementation.

Two Basic Rules for Your Diet:

  • Eat foods as close to their whole, natural, unrefined state whenever possible.
  • Eat 50-75% of your diet raw.

Reasons for Adding Supplementation to the Diet:

  • Since most store-bought foods are refined, they are missing many nutrients.
  • We are continually exposed to infectious agents, allergens and chemicals in our environment, so you may need some supplementation to round out the nutrients being lost from the diet.
  • In more severe cases of degenerative disease, your body may need to be saturated with essential nutrients in order to recover from that illness.
  • In cases where you may have a genetic predisposition for a particular disease, we may use nutrients to offset or compensate for genetic errors of metabolism.