Back Pain - Vomero Chiropractic Back Pain Relief

Being a Chiropractor in Scottsdale, I treat people with pain every day.  Usually when people hear I am a Chiropractor, they think, “maybe he can help me with my back & neck pain”.  It is true that chiropractic care works wonders with spinal (back & neck) pain as well as many other areas where pain might exist, because chiropractors specialize in correcting the cause of that pain by addressing the spine and nervous system.

Our nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord, cranial nerves and spinal nerves and it is amazing.  It “runs the show” that is our daily life.  It regulates heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, digestion, elimination, hormone levels, skeletal muscles, immune function and more.  In short, it controls “every breath you take and every move you make”.  Chiropractors have always realized this important fact and treated the nervous system – mainly through spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustments – with great success.

Most people think the chiropractic adjustment has to be accompanied by a popping sound as the spinal bones are moved back into place.  This is termed a “high-velocity” chiropractic adjustment.  In our practice, we generally do not use high velocity chiropractic adjustments.  We believe that the vertebrae can be brought back to their original positions with a more mild type of chiropractic adjustment, using muscle balancing to hold it in place once the chiropractic adjustment has been made.  Some patients think that if they go to the chiropractor and they don’t hear a “pop” the bone has not been adjusted.  In this case I ask them if they heard a “pop” when it first went out of alignment, resulting in the pain that brought them to see me in the first place!

Usually, the answer is “no” and they get my point.  To reiterate, the chiropractic adjustment is made AFTER all the muscles in the area of involvement have been balanced – that is, they all have equal tension; none being too weak or too tight – resulting in equal tension in the back.  This is what holds the vertebra in place – preventing it from impinging a nerve so the body can heal itself and keeps the pain away!

In almost 40 years of practice as a chiropractor serving the community, we have found that the chiropractic adjustment given after the muscles have been balanced results in overall LESS treatment time, which is more cost-effective for our patients.